DLS Law Firm

DLS Law Firm

'A full service law firm with solution oriented and globally minded lawyers'

DLS Law Firm is one of the top Law Firms in Jaipur. The DLS Law Firm operates in the Honorable High Court of Rajasthan, Jaipur Bench and Subordinate Courts, Tribunals and Forums.

DLS Law Firm has its founding roots since 2008, in the law practice of Advocate Suresh Kumawat who was a renowned Advocate. His guiding principles of integrity and honesty are continued to be Uphold at the DLS Law Firm till date under the able leadership of Advocate Suresh Kumawat, who is a practicing designated Senior Advocate before the Honorable High Court of Rajasthan and Advocate Suresh Kumawat who is a practicing Advocate in both the District & Sessions Courts of Jaipur and the Honorable High Court of Rajasthan.

DLS Law Firm has since established an excellent reputation for its integrity and value based proactive, pragmatic and innovative legal advice and its ability to help clients effectively traverse the legal and regulatory regime in India. We are modern and inclusive in our outlook, and have a solution oriented approach.

DLS Law Firm believe that when it comes to Law, there is NO ‘one size fits all’ solution and that each client and case is unique and needs individual attention.


WE RELY on the latest computing and communications equipment to enable fast and cost effective services to clients. It makes complete usage of a practical and effective precedent development system to ensure uniformity and time management. We have adapted ourselves successfully to the modern day demands of global competitiveness and competence.


WE POSSESS a wealth of experience in the field of Law for the last 14 years and are staffed with a team of energetic professionals & lawyers representing the chambers. Our long experience has made us to understand that clients wish to minimize their involvement with the legal system. We work together with our clients to avoid legal obstacles, and to handle legal problems in an efficient, professional manner when they do occur.


WE BELIEVE in building long term relationships with clients, which are based on mutual trust and dedication, a promise to provide our clients with the highest levels of service. We believe that it is these relationships that are our real strength. These relationships are what that makes us unlike most other law offices.

Criminal Law

DLS Law Firm has a very healthy record of successfully representing our clients in Criminal cases. The firm has represented clients both as defense counsel and also helped our clients prosecute and secure conviction of the accused.

The firm has contested criminal trial before lower courts and also criminal revisions, appeals and FIR quashing petitions before the Honorable Rajasthan High Court. We understand that the process of a Criminal case can be intimidating.

We do everything we can to guide our clients through that process. We believe that every client deserves respect and a dedicated and knowledgeable advocate. No matter how serious or complicated the case may be; we have the skill and experience to effectively represent our client’s case to the courts.

Corporate Law

The firm has vast experience in offering legal services to various corporates like GVK‐EMRI, Pidilite, TATA, Mangalam Builders, Trimurti Group of Companies, A3Logics, Meru Cabs, Ananta Spa & Resorts to name a few.

We help companies with Company winding up petitions, Amalgamation petitions, Legal Opinions, Due diligence and Title verification, Agreement drafting, Mergers & Acquisitions etc. We understand that no two corporate transactions or deals are the same.

The differences can depend upon several factors, such as the type of industry, whether it involves single or multimarket businesses, and the size of the companies involved, and we specialize in providing tailor made solutions for each of our clients.

Family & Matrimonial Law

Having a dispute within ones Family, over any matter, is one of the most stressful and emotionally draining phase any individual can go through.

We are cognizant of this fact and strive to handle each dispute with compassion and extra care. We specialize in providing our clients with advice and strategies to deal with these situations successfully both inside and outside the court rooms.

At the same time, whenever the situation requires, we are adept at representing our clients very aggressively and ensure that their legal rights are protected. We also help our clients in amicable resolution of their familial disputes. .

Service and Labor Law

Whether it’s misconduct by a current employee or unfair competition from a former employee, someone is always crossing the line. Also, Union relations and union organizing campaigns can present the most profound challenges for your business.

Ranjan Law Firm has the experience and tenacity to help you get the results you need. We have the experience and judgment to help you determine the right response.

We help our clients protect their interests and make sure they are able to run their business smoothly while staying in compliance with all Service and Labor Law. The firm has also contested several matters related to appointment, promotion, termination and compensation in service.

Arbitration Law

DLS Law Firm is one the leading law firms in Rajasthan for arbitration. The team is sought out for its knowledge and received tremendous appreciation from its clients as well as professionals for its Analysis of the Amendments to Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.

Our approach to commercial disputes has ensured a most effective representation of our clients as often these disputes require industry‐ specific knowledge.

Our practice is strengthened by our firm’s expertise in various sectors including infrastructure, energy, construction, international trade, government contracts, insurance and product liability.

Civil Law

DLS Law Firm is renowned for its contribution in various fields of Civil Law which include Civil suits, Civil Appeals and miscellaneous matters before the Honorable High Court of Rajasthan and all subordinate courts.

The firm has a phenomenal standing at bar with more than 13,000 cases instituted. The firm has also contributed in various Civil references with regard to applicability of local Law like Rent Control Act of Rajasthan 2001 and the Benami Transaction Law.

We specialize in providing unique strategies for our clients based on their individual requirements.

Constitutional Law / Service Law

Whether you are filing a claim for constitutional rights violation, or defending yourself from one, it is important to know that the Indian Constitution guarantees life, liberty and equality to all its citizens.

Ranjan Law firm has contested numerous write petitions for enforcement of constitutional rights of citizens. Our Team has represented individuals, government departments and organizations in Rajasthan who are asserting their legal rights.

Our Team has been involved in cases resulting in legal decisions that are published legal precedent and groundbreaking.

Consumer Law

DLS Law Firm has contested several cases related to the Consumers Protection Act 1986, for the rights of consumers before the District Consumer Forums and the Rajasthan State Consumer Dispute Redressal commission.

The cases we have successfully contested, span across matters such as medical negligence, defective products, deficiency in service, real estate, builder – flat owner disputes, Educational matters etc.

We have represented both the consumers as well as the Service providers / Manufacturers.