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RKCL Approved RSCIT Certified Course

Add computer skill to your resume and improve your chance to crack interview

Are you looking for a RSCIT Course near you? Your research is complete now. TIFA Education is a highly-regarded institute that has been providing quality education and training programs for many years. We provide a comprehensive RSCIT computer course that covers all basic fundamentals regarding computer courses like MS office application, internet concept and many more.

At TIFA Education, we are ready to provide you with a high-quality education and computer training program. For it, we include industry professionals in our team who are highly knowledgeable in their profession. In addition to our team members, we also provide a solid resource to help you for your RSCIT course training. This includes study materials, practice exams, online resources, tools and personalized support from the trainer to help you stay on track to achieve your learning goals.

In addition to its high-quality curriculum and experienced instructors, TIFA Education also offers a variety of flexible computer class options to accommodate busy schedules. Whether you prefer traditional classroom learning, online learning, or a hybrid of both, TIFA Education has a program that will fit your needs.

RS CIT course is designed to offer you the skills and information necessary to get your goals in the modern world. Whether you are looking to boost your job prospects, improve your computer knowledge, and simply learn more about the internet world. Our RSCIT course is perfect for those who are searching for a computer course near me.

TIFA Education also has a strong track record of success. Many students have gone on to successful career options in the IT sector with a wide range of career opportunities available.

Overall, TIFA Education is an excellent choice for anyone interested in pursuing an RSCIT course. With its comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, and comprehensive resources, you can be confident in your ability to succeed in this exciting and rewarding field. Whether you're a student, a working professional, or someone looking to enhance their digital literacy, TIFA Education has a program to help you achieve your goals. We provide many computer courses like computer excel course. Here you learn practical and fundamental concept of it.

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Course Highlight :-


Introduction | Hardware | Application Software | System Software | Concept of Computing |Benefit of Computer | Use of Computer | Concept of Computers

Introduction of Internet | Internet Access | Types of Internet Connections | Intranet | Search WebPages | Create E-mail | E-Commerce | Google Drive

Start Computer | Component of Computer System | Input Devices | Output Devices | Checking Computer System Configuration in Window | Operating System Simple Setting

E-Governance in Rajasthan | E-Mitra | Bhamashah Scheme | Rajasthan Sampark | E-Public distribution System E-PDS | Geographical Introduction System Rajdhara | Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana-BRSY | Bhamashah Rojgar Srijan Yojana-BRSY

Operating System | GUI – Desktop | Windows: Basic Applications/Utilities | Windows-File Explorer | Staring Application | Copy/Paste/Rename File | Copy/Paste/Rename Folder | Scan File/Folder with Antivirus

Single Sign on Facility – SSO | Availing Citizen Services | E-Mitra Services through Portal | Bhamashah Scheme | Rajasthan Sam Park | E-Public distribution System E-PDS



Introduction | Getting Started | Explore Window | Office Button | Quick Access Toolbar | Mini Toolbar | Title, Zoom and View

Worksheet Create, Save, Copy, Hide, Unhide, Delete, Close, Open | Worksheet, Row, Column and Cells | Data Insert, Select, Delete, Move | Cut, Copy, Paste and Spell Check | Undo, Redo and Find & Replace | Insert Symbols and Comments

Creating Formula | Copying Formula | Reference Formula | Function Arguments Formula | Error Show in Formula

Text Alignment | Text Decoration | Merges & Wrap | Rotate Cells | Borders and Shades | Setting Colours | Setting Fonts | Setting Cell Type | Applying Formatting | Style | Theme

Operators Functions | Numeric Functions | Text Functions | Statistical Functions | Date & Time Functions | Mark Sheet Table Simple Level | Mark Sheet Table Advance Level

Logical Functions {AND, OR, NOT} | Conditional Functions {IF, Nested IF, IF Error} | Mathematical Functions {COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, SUMIF, SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCTION} | Lookup Functions {VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX, CHOOSE} | Financial Functions {PV, FV, PMT, IPMT, PPMT, RATE}

Insert Smart Art | Add Text Smart Art | Insert Pictures | Insert Clip Art | Format Picture | Insert Word Art | Format Word Art | Insert Lists | Insert Shapes | Format Shapes

Sheet Options | Adjustment Margins | Page Orientation | Header and Footer | Insert Page Breaks | Set Background | Freeze Panes | Print Setup | Security | E-Mail | Mail-Merge

Creating Charts | Editing Charts | Formatting Charts | Combination Charts | Using 3D Charts| Using Secondary Axis in Graphs | Sharing Charts with Power Point/MS. Word | Dynamically Charts | Charts Modified/Updated

Creating Pivot Table | Formatting Pivot Table | Customizing Pivot Table | Slicers Pivot Table | Grouping Data in Pivot Table | Pivot Table Charts

Define Name Range | Data Sorting and Filtering | Data Validation

Create Macros | Run Macros | Edit Marcos | Save Marco

Home Tab | Insert Tab | Page Layout Tab | Formulas Tab | Data Tab | Review Tab | View Tab

Home Cleaning Checklist | Packing Checklist | Contact List | Customer List | Simple Interest Loan Calculator | Loan Amortization | Salary Sheet (Days Wise) | Salary Wise (Time Wise) | Timesheets Calculators | Age Calculators | Do List (Drop Down List) | Simple Budgets | Home Budgets | Simple Invoices | Expenses Reports | Home Inventory| Money Tracker | Stock Maintain Inventory | Attendance Sheet | Allowance & Deduction Calculation


Introduction | Getting Started | Explore Window | Office Button | Quick Access Toolbar | Mini Toolbar | Title, Zoom and View

Create New Document | Save Documents| Opening Document | Closing Document | Insert Text | Select Text | Delete Text | Move Text | Cut, Copy & Paste | Undo & Redo Change | Find & Replace | Spell Check | Insert Special Symbols | Insert Comments

Setting Text Fonts | Text Decoration | Change Text Case | Change Text Colour | Text Box | Text Alignment | Text Size | Set Tabs | Indent Paragraphs | Create Bullets | Set Line Spacing | Border and Shades | Create New Style | Customized Style | Apply Style | Apply Formatting

Adjust Page Margins | Header and Footer | Add New Page Numbers | Insert Page Breaks | Insert Blank Page | Cover Pages | Page Orientation | Page Size | Page Margins

Create Table | Add Rows & Columns Table | Delete Rows & Columns | Merging & Split Cells | Move Table | Resize Table | Split Table | Borders & Shades Table | Convert Text to Table

Insert Smart Art | Add Text Smart Art | Insert Pictures | Insert Clip Art | Format Picture | Insert Word Art | Format Word Art | Insert Lists | Insert Shapes | Format Shapes

Home Tab | Insert Tab | Page Layout | References | Mailing | Review | View

Resume Cover Letter | Resume | Application | Letter


Introduction | Getting Started | Explore Window | Office Button | Quick Access Toolbar | Mini Toolbar | Title, Zoom and Placeholder

Create New Presentation | Save Presentation | Opening Presentation | Close Presentation | PowerPoint Sidebar | Presentation views | Running Slide Show

Add New Slides | Adding Text in Boxes | Adding New Text Boxes | Deleting Exiting Slide | Rearranging Slides | Adding Slide Notes | Managing Sections | Working with Outlines | Setting Backgrounds | Slide Orientations | Adding Slide Numbers | Adding Header & Footer

Font Management | Setting Text Fonts | Text Decoration | Change Text Case | Change Text Size | Change Text Colour | Text Alignments | Indent Paragraphs | Set Line Spacing | Borders and Shades | Applying Formatting | Using Slide Master | Save Design Template

Add Pictures to Slide | Editing Added Pictures | Format Added Picture | Add Shapes to Slide | Editing Added Shapes | Format Added Shapes | Add Text to Shapes | Arrange Shapes/Images Groups/Ungroup Objects | Add Audio & Video | Add & Format Table | Add & Format Charts | Add & Format Smart Art

Animation Effects | Custom Animation Effects | Slide Transition Effects | Set Slide Transition Sound | Set Slide Transition Speed | Advance Animations Effects | Advance Transition Effects

Home Tab | Insert Tab | Design Tab | Animations Tab | Slide Show | Review | View

Create Video File | Create Image File | Printing Presentation | Broadcast Slide Show | Packaging Presentation | Setting Document Password | Email Slide Show


Digital Marketing Highlight

  • Salary Sheet (Day/Time Wise )
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Stock Maintain
  • Allowances Calculation & Deduction
  • Pan Card, Aadhar Card Downlond & Updation
  • Pan Card, Tan Apply Form
  • SSO ID
  • Bill Print
  • Courier Ticket Track
  • Mailing
  • Profile Presentation
  • Mail Merge
  • Billing With GST
  • Practical Session

Program highlights

Experience and Inspiring Trainers:

Our instructors bring their industry experienced years to use during the course. They are both expert and enthusiastic about presenting an impelling training as they are aware of every aspect of training. They can also advise you on all the options to make sure you get the best result possible.

Real-time Practice and Projects:

Our Tally Prime Courses are both thorough and efficient. We usually work on industry-associated projects. If you have a project or an idea then you can share it with our instructor after completion of the course and they will help you to work on it.

Prerequisites for RS-CIT course:

It is essential to know the basics of computing knowledge. And profound knowledge of Accounts will be helpful.


After ending this training, you will also get a course completion certificate in the Office Automation to gain recognition from newly adaptable new skills.

Support and Careers Advice:

Our instructors are always willing to help you with any issues or questions concerning Advance Accounts Spring-Hibernate. We qualify students for facing Interview questions on a given technology and help to build their online portfolio. As more than 70% of students are placed in reliable and reputed MNCs.

Program Highlight

  • Learn from Expert
  • 100% Placement Guarantee
  • 0% interest EMI option
  • Practical Training
  • Learn accounting tool & software
  • One to one mentorship
  • Resume and interview training
  • Certification

frequently asked questions

Q. 1 - How can I pay the fee of course?

Ans - We have various fee methods for ease of payment for any student.
  • For online - UPI and bank deposit.
  • For offline - UPI, Bank deposit and Cash

Q. 2 - Will I get a verified certificate?

Ans - Yes, Every student who completes the entire course will get a verified certificate from TIFA which the candidate can demonstrate at Certificate.

Q. 3 - What courses are offered by TIFA Education?

Ans - TIFA Education offers a wide range of courses in the fields of finance, accounting, Computer, SAP and Digital Marketing. Some of the popular courses include - Professional Accountant, Tally Prime, SAP FICO and Digital Marketing.

Q. 4 - What is the admission process for TIFA Education courses?

Ans - The admission process for TIFA Education courses is simple and straightforward. You can visit the official website and fill out the online application form. Once the form is submitted, our team will get in touch with you to guide you through the process.

Q. 5 - What are the eligibility criteria for TIFA Education courses?

Ans - The eligibility criteria vary depending on the course you choose. For most of the courses, you need to have completed the 10th or 12th standard in any stream.

Q. 6 - What is the duration of TIFA Education courses?

Ans - The duration of the courses at TIFA Education depends on the course you choose. Most courses might take 3-6 months to complete.

Q. 7 - What is the fee structure for TIFA Education courses?

Ans - The fee structure for TIFA Education courses varies depending on the course you choose. You can pay the full fee at one time or can choose the EMI option which is provided by our finance partner.

Q. 8 - What is the mode of study for TIFA Education courses?

Ans - TIFA Education offers both online and offline modes of study for its courses. You can choose the mode of study that suits you the best.

Q. 9 - How is the course material for TIFA Education courses structured?

Ans - The course material for TIFA Education courses is designed to be comprehensive and easy to understand. It includes video lectures, study notes and practice papers.

Q. 10 - Can I get assistance with job placement after completing the course?

Ans - Yes, TIFA Education provides assistance with job placement to its students. Our team will help you find the right job opportunity based on your skills and experience.